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BodyTalk Access™

BodyTalk-basics course for everyone

What is BodyTalk Access™?

BodyTalk Access™ was developed to make some of the most fundamental techniques of the BodyTalk System™ more simple to use and more accessible to all. BodyTalk Access™, a program that can be learned by anyone in just one day and implemented in 10 minutes, contains five balancing techniques straight out of the BodyTalk System™. These simple procedures facilitate the re-establishing of the body's vital energy systems, thus helping restore their healthy functioning.

How is Access different from the BodyTalk System™?

Since the techniques of BodyTalk Access™ are fundamental to the body's health and contain pre-set links, there's no need for muscle checking. Using BodyTalk Access™, one performs the techniques in the order in which it was taught, and from these, the body may carry out the balancing it needs safely and effectively.

Though the techniques of BodyTalk Access™ are very powerful and can be used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies, Access is different from BodyTalk sessions in that during regular BodyTalk, practitioners help balance the body's priorities, which are identified through muscle-checking.

In BodyTalk Access™ balancing is not based on the body's priorities; it rather provides balancing of the most fundamental energy circuits of the body that are the most vulnerable to stress. If the body needs further balancing, e.g. a regular BodyTalk session, the techniques of BodyTalk Access™ may not be enough in themselves to achieve the desired results.

It is also important to note that in cases of acute symptoms and emergency/urgent situations, neither BodyTalk sessions nor the techniques of BodyTalk Access™ can be substitued for Western medical help. However, applying the Access techniques and getting BodyTalk sessions in addition to Western medicine is encouraged as they can be great assets to the body in regaining its balance.

What are the techniques and benefits of BodyTalk Access™?

BodyTalk Access™ consists of five basic techniques. The first helps re-establish healthy communication between the left and right sides of the brain. The second helps reset the client's stress threshold, in many cases easing up tension headaches; it may help correct left-right confusion, problems with memory and concentration to mention a few.

The third and fourth techniques involve helping the body regain its balance to water as well as its body-chemistry processes by addressing emotional factors that may be causing the blocked energy circuits, and it can also help improve the functioning of the immune system.

The fifth technique of BodyTalk Access™ is a series of steps addressing the energetic balance of the different body-structures and areas. This technique is called the "Reciprocals," and implementing these may ease joint pain, strengthen the immune system, support lymphatic drainage and postiviely affect the function of all of the body's systems.

Part of BodyTalk Access™ is FastAid, which is a special combination of the above techniques that can be implemented quickly and effectively when small injuries occur at home and even in emergencies until the ambulance arrives.

Who should learn BodyTalk Access™?

The use of BodyTalk Access™ is recommended for all age groups. The advantage of the Access course is that the techniques can be easily learned by anyone during a one-day course and implemented in a short period of time.

Taking a BodyTalk Access™ class is also strongly recommended for health care providers, social workers, teachers or anyone else who works with people on a daily basis.

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