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What is Agnes up to?

Scheduling BodyTalk sessions in Hungary

Agnes is offering in-person BodyTalk sessions in Budapest. Naturally, distance sessions are available to everyone around the globe.

To book an appointment, please contact Agnes via email at

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BodyTalk seminars completed by Agnes:


BodyTalk Access: Jan 14, Los Angeles, CA with Jeff Goodman

BodyTalk BodyTalk Fundamentals Part 1&2: Apr 26-30, Los Angeles, CA with Lynn Teachworth

BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration: Jun 2-3, Los Angeles, CA with Jeff Goodman


BodyTalk BodyTalk Fundamentals Part 1&2: May 23-26, Los Angeles, CA with Lynn Teachworth

BodyTalk Certification Exam on May 25 with Lynn Teachworth.

BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness: Nov 22-23, Los Angeles, CA with Beverly Lutz


BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics: Jun 26-29, Toronto, Canada with Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio

BodyTalk Macrocosmic Bodymind: Jul 18-19, Los Angeles, CA with Dr. Don Ka'imi Pilipovich

BodyTalk Body Chemistry Specifics : Jul 24-26, Chicago, IL with Marita Roussey

BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics : Sep 14-15, Los Angeles, CA with Dr. Don Ka'imi Pilipovich


BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness: Feb 27-28, Los Angeles, CA with Karen Atkins


BodyTalk Fundamentals Part 1&2: multiple dates and locations, with Charlotte Nielsen


BodyTalk: Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage & Applied Anatomy and Physiology: Oct 5-7, Singapore, with Sylvia Muiznieks

Recommended by Agnes


Dr. John Veltheim: The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk
Lynne McTaggart: The Field
Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles


BodyTalk Access™: This short, 6-hour course is designed to teach the layperson, family and community a set of five general, energy-balancing techniques that make health maintenance more simple and help overcome daily stress and health-related challenges easier. The results are very noticeable and mostly immediate. The techniques are very simple, easy to learn, and they can be performed anywhere! Highly recommended!

BodyTalk courses: If you decided you'd like to learn to practice BodyTalk, Fundamentals Part 1 and Part 2, would be the first courses to take. You don't need to have a background in health; anyone can learn to use it! And you may repeat any course for only 25% of the original price if you maintain a membership with the IBA!
The courses are held in cities across the U.S. and Canada, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, many countries in Europe, and select countries in Asia and South America.

BodyTalk Articles

The published the following article about BodyTalk on January 22, 2010:

"BodyTalk: Could a new therapy be the answer to all your aches and pains? Rumoured to be popular with Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama, BodyTalk is now finding converts in Britain.

By Tessa Boase
Published: 12:00PM GMT 22 Jan 2010

Have you ever wondered how the superhuman among us – the Barack Obamas, the Oprah Winfreys – manage to appear so gleaming, so lucid, so centred apparently all the time? Don't they ever have an off day?
Obama, who this week celebrated his first year in office, shares a little secret with Oprah. They are reportedly both fans of "BodyTalk", the alternative healthcare system of the moment, now finding converts in Britain.
BodyTalk is based on the belief that the body knows how to heal itself but, like a computer, can get overloaded, leading to malfunction. A BodyTalk practitioner offers no diagnosis or prescription, just a "rewiring" session using muscle testing and light tapping on the head and sternum to re‑establish channels of communication within the body. Then the body will start functioning optimally again.
Words like "innate", "healing" and "wisdom" set off alarm bells for me, especially when used together. But look past the jargon – and past the fact that this is a booming Florida business whose founder, Dr John Veltheim, resembles an outsize elf with bushy beard and evangelical smile – and there is sense in recognising the body as a "whole" with interconnecting systems. After all, we know that when one thing goes wrong, diverse other symptoms can crop up.
Veltheim, an Australian, once ran a busy clinic for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy. He became exhausted, got ill and couldn't recover. The long search for a cure led him to experiment with blending these and other alternative therapies, creating "acupuncture without needles".
His eureka moment came in 1995 with the discovery that you can literally tap into the body's energy circuits by using simple muscle testing to discover areas of sluggish communication. Tapping on the head then tells the brain to "fix" the faulty circuit, followed by tapping on the heart to "store" the fix, just like a computer downloading a programme.
Confused? Cynical? London-based practitioner Britt Jorgensen was when she first encountered BodyTalk on a yoga retreat in the United States four years ago. "People were talking about this miracle cure," she says. But no one could come up with a description that made sense to her.
Three weeks later, Jorgensen booked onto a BodyTalk course in New York and was captivated. She started practising on her husband, on friends and children, and says the results were demonstrable. Backache disappeared. Depression lifted. Skin complaints cleared up. Hyperactive children sat still. She continued training, gave up her high-powered job and qualified as a practitioner, treating people for complaints as varied as phobias, slipped discs and digestive problems.
I put Jorgensen to the test with a clutch of minor ailments: stiff back, aching wrist, sore throat – plus an unhealthy surfeit of anger. I lie on the treatment table and she wiggles my hand and arm, then lightly taps my head and chest bone. She also holds my feet briefly and lays a hand over my middle (she picks up straight away on the anger: the liver meridian apparently needs "balancing").
Does she have healing hands? No. BodyTalk is an "energy medicine", based on scientific principles. Veltheim has used neuroscience to back his findings, including a recent experiment in which the brain's responses to BodyTalk were monitored. I leave the treatment room still unconvinced. The tapping feels too much like knocking on wood – vague optimism rather than hard science.
But, one month later, the results of three sessions have shaken my scepticism. All physical complaints disappeared within hours of treatment. More surprising has been my change in mood: I feel increasingly clear-headed, light-chested, optimistic and energetic, as if the white noise of 21st-century urban life has been switched off in my head.
I still don't know how it works, but then I don't understand what my computer repair man does either."

BodyTalk Success!

The following stories are quoted from the weekly Access Newsletter distributed by the International BodyTalk Association (full names were removed for privacy)

Warts, snoring and chicken pox.... Gone
Contributed by Access and Module 1 & 2 Student, Connie A.

"In February 2008 my son started to develop juvenile warts on his lower jaw and down his neck. At the age of 11 years, like most in this age group, he was very self-conscious of this. I took the BodyTalk Access class and started to apply Cortices and Body Chemistry on him immediately every second to third day. Within three weeks all the warts were gone.

My husband was a very LOUD snorer, and as anyone that lives with someone that snores half-way through the night, you get up and move to another room. Not only are you tired and cranky in the morning so is your spouse, because he didn’t get a good night sleep either. Prior to going to the BodyTalk Access classes, my husband was booked into the Sleep Apnea program at the hospital and spent a night there, so that they could monitor his sleeping patterns. They were not sure if his snoring and breathing stops were severe enough to warrant a sleep apnea machine, so they wanted to retest him.

While he was waiting for his next sleep apnea appointment we took the Body Talk Access Course and started to apply Cortices to my husband every other night before he went to bed. Within a week Rod was no longer snoring and canceled his Sleep Apnea appointment.

My daughter came down with the chicken pox and breezed right through this virus. I did Access on her everyday, and she only had two rough days through her chicken pox. For everyone else that I knew, their children had high fevers, were miserable and lived on Tylenol for a few days."

Stomach bug
From Access Student Zelia M.

"I was fortunate enough to recently participate in a BodyTalk Access Course in Prince Albert presented by Wilma Grobbelaar. I say fortunate because exactly one week later I had the opportunity to put Access to the test. My nine year old daughter had been to a sleep-over at a friend’s house. I picked her up on the Saturday afternoon and very early on Sunday morning she woke up to cramps in her tummy and diarrhea. Unbeknown to me at the time, her friend had also come down with the same tummy bug. After running to the toilet for the third time in an hour, I decided to do Access on her. I did all five techniques on her and then left her to sleep.

About an half hour later she got up and was sick and I was seriously tempted to revert to the medicine cabinet but decided to give it a couple of hours. Well, I was presently surprised – within 2 hours of doing Access on her, she was up and about full of energy, running around with the dogs and riding her bicycle as if nothing had happened. She then joined the rest of the family for a healthy helping of Sunday roast and vegetables. She went to school the next day only to be told that her friend was off sick. The friend stayed away from school for 2 full days even though she had been given western medicine."

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