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The International BodyTalk Association

The International BodyTalk Association (IBA)

The IBA is the governing organization for the BodyTalk System(TM). It oversees and maintains the standards of practice for BodyTalk practitioners and instructors, schedules lectures and courses, and through certification of practitioners and instructors, it ensures high quality service to the public. You may also use this website to locate Certified BodyTalk Practitioners in your area.

Advanced BodyWork

Myofascial Release Therapy
by Marilyn Fay, Claremont, CA

Myofascial Release therapy evaluates the whole body to treat the cause of pain not just the symptoms. The cause of pain if often located in a seemingly unrelated area. Fascia is a specialized system of the body that has an appearance similar to a spider's web or a sweater. Fascia is very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord.

The connective tissue (fascia) is one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. In this way you can begin to see that each part of the entire body is connected to every other part by the fascia,everything is connected. Injury, poor posture, and surgical procedures create myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive it is thought that an extremely high percentage of people suffering with pain and lack of motion may be having fascial problems, but go undiagnosed because this system of the body has been ignored.

All Things Healing: An online community for healing mind-body-spirit-planet

ATH brings together a worldwide community of individuals, and alternative healing sites and organizations, dedicated to educating and inspiring people in topics relating to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit and the planet. We have brought together a staff of idealistic, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about leaving the world in a better place than they found it. In doing so, we have created an alternative healing network of practitioners, educators, creative artists and organizations.

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