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Personal experiences

"Yesterday I experienced my first BodyTalk session, which involves the practitioner, Agnes communicating with my body. All I did was relax on the massage table while she silently asked questions and received answers. During the session Agnes paid careful attention to what my body was “telling” her, and she continuously communicated its priorities to me. She received an unbelievably accurate picture of the state of my body and mind, which was immediately stimulated to begin healing itself. Throughout the session I felt calm and very trusting in the process, and since the session I feel a general sense of wellbeing that I had longed after for a long time. In two weeks’ time, I’m going to have another session, and I am so looking forward to it. Thank you, Agnes!"

Andrea, 37

"Agnes is exceptional in that she speaks directly to your whole bodymind complex - She employs the BodyTalk System in its best application for that particular person in that particular moment in their life. Agnes helped my whole family return to peace, health and harmony, and we are forever grateful!"


"BodyTalk has been an amazing tool that I have discovered for my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. It is an amazing way to connect and understand the deeper part of myself by simply communicating with the body. It has helped to surface underlining belief systems that I was not aware of. It has helped detect inherited patterns that are not in my highest good. It is a great way to balance the body in a very safe, natural way.

I have learned to "balance my brain" everyday, a BodyTalk method of resetting the brain. It helps me reset any stress and focus better in my everyday situations. I also love BodyTalk for my kids. We all have experienced the profound effect it has had on our well-being! It seems like my children are not sick as long when they have a cold, or whatever ailment is bothering them. I would recommend BodyTalk for everyone I know! Better Health=Greater Happiness."


"Agnes managed to help me several times when emotional pain and anxiety affected my health. Using BodyTalk, she was able to zero in on the parts of my body, mind and spirit that needed healing, including emotional issues. In the beginning, I was skeptical of this new technique. Yet after my first session, I was amazed at how my discomfort had dissolved!"


"I was 3 months pregnant at the time of my first in-person BodyTalk session with Agnes, and it resulted in the deep rebalancing of my system as well as that of my unborn child. Recently, I requested a distance session, as my husband and I have relocated from the States to India. My husband was suffering from exacerbations of health complications, which he had since his childhood, and despite of treatments with TCM, Ayurvedic medicine and traditional ENT, his health issues had not resolved. At the same time, we were both severely dehydrated due to the foreign climate.

The distance BodyTalk session amazed me for its speed, efficiency, and radical accuracy. I was also fascinated by the fact that this technique worked in spite of the several thousand miles between Agnes and us. So this has been a gift for our family as my husband and I both felt new life in our cells emerge in a matter of minutes after the BodyTalk session. I am both grateful to BodyTalk and Agnes' precision in carrying out this work to its highest level."


"Several years ago, I broke my tibia and fibula (two bones near the ankle) in such a way that I needed to undergo surgery in order to stabilize the bones with plates and screws. After the operation, I had difficulty moving my ankle, especially when walking down the stairs. It always felt painful and tight as though the screws were not allowing the ankle to flex the foot.

During one of the BodyTalk sessions, as Agnes was "tapping out" links that included my injured ankle, I suddenly felt a tingling sensation in the exact spot where the screw felt tight. Ever since that session, not only is the pain gone, but I have been able to move my ankle almost as well as before! I think BodyTalk is amazing, and I especially like that it can be combined with other healing modalities. I find BodyTalk to be very relaxing and a truly unique healing experience."


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